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She might look innocent with blue tongue and pigtails, but don't let her Looks deceive you! Equal parts cute and dangerous, Liv Morgan is a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division! As a former competitive cheerleader, Liv boasts a combination of agility and creativity once the bell rings, but she’s not afraid to scrap, either. Looking to make her friends and family back in the 201 area code proud, Liv represents New Jersey to the fullest and refuses to back down from a fight. Will it be long before she has a WWE Women’s Championship to complement her Swag?
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WWE SmackDown Results – February 6th
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Liv Morgan vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte charges Liv Morgan immediately in the corner and throws kicks as Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan yell from the outside. Morgan rolls out and Charlotte yells at them to back off. After a quick commercial break, Liv is in control of the match. During the break, we see Morgan snapped the back of Charlotte’s head over the top rope. She sends Charlotte face first into two corners. Flair fires back with a big Kick, Chops and connects with a Fallaway Slam. Liv eats a Big Boot to the face near the corner. Charlotte is going up top when Morgan trips her up. Liv with an impressive Roll-Up for the 2-count. Charlotte with a Neckbreaker and Spear combo that levels Morgan. Sarah Logan is up on the ring apron and Charlotte Spears her off. Ruby Riott pulls Liv out of the ring in a helping effort, but gets caught by the Referee. He bans both of them from ringside, as Charlotte tosses Morgan back in. Liv misses an Enzuigiri and Charlotte connects with a Boot. Flair gets the Figure Four applied and bridges into the Figure Eight as Liv taps out

Winner: Charlotte

WWE SmackDown Results – January 30th
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Renee Young asks Charlotte how she felt Sunday night. Charlotte says it was the first time she didn’t want to be champion. She wanted to be in the ring battle to win the first women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte says she was standing in the ring with Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Ronda Rousey. Charlotte says she doesn’t know who will be standing across from her at WrestleMania but it doesn’t matter. The Riott Squad comes out and Riott calls Charlotte arrogant, entitled and unoriginal. Riott says Charlotte isn’t even going to make it to WrestleMania.

Charlotte woos in Riott’s face. Charlotte attacks Riott. Charlotte clears the ring. The Riott Squad surrounds the ring then swarm Charlotte. Riott finishes the beatdown with the Riott Kick. As the Riott Squad is walking up the ramp, Carmella runs down with a referee. Carmella kicks the Charlotte to make sure she is out. Carmella give the MitB briefcase to the referee. Charlotte starts to stir. Carmella tries to dropkick Charlotte but she kicks the referee by accident. Charlotte stumbles to her feet. Carmella grabs the Briefcase and leaves.


2018 Royal Rumble Results
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Women’s Royal Rumble Match

 Alexa Bliss and Charlotte are out to watch the match.

Entrant #1: Sasha Banks

Entrant #2: Becky Lynch

 Banks and Lynch lock up. Banks tries to toss Lynch. Lynch avoids it. Lynch tries to dump Banks. Banks avoids it. Banks tries the Banks Statement but Lynch hooks the ropes.

Entrant #3: Sarah Logan

Logan stomps both Lynch and Banks. Logan hits a pop up headbutt to Banks. Logan drags Lynch into the corner and tries to lift her over the top rope.

Entrant #4: Mandy Rose

Rose almost slams Banks over the top rope. Banks hits the ropes and runs right into a running high knee by Rose.

Entrant #5: Lita!

Lita faces off with Banks and Lynch. Lita clothesline Banks. Rose kicks Lita in the gut. Lita monkey flips Rose into ground and pound strikes. Lita knocks Rose off the apron.

Mandy Rose has been eliminated.

Entrant #6: Kairi Sane

Sane takes out Lynch and Banks. Roaring corner elbow by Sane to Lita. Sane hits a flying elbow strike off the top. InSANE elbow drop by Sane to Banks.

Entrant #7: Tamina

Tamina kicks Sane in the head. Lita DDTs Tamina. Lita hits the Twist of Fate on Banks and Lynch. Lita hits the moonsault on Lynch and Banks. Tamina charges Lita. Lita pulls down the top rope.

Tamina has been eliminated.

Lynch tosses Lita over the top.

Lita has been eliminated.

Entrant #8: Dana Brooke

Brooke pushes Sane off the top rope.

Kairi Sane has been eliminated.

Entrant #9 Torrie Wilson

Wilson hits an X-Factor on Banks. Logan floors Wilson with a dropkick. Wilson sends Brooke out to the apron. Wilson dropkicks Brooke in the knee to eliminate her.

Dana Brooke has been eliminated.

Entrant #10: Sonya Deville

Deville sends Lynch out to the apron. Lynch holds on. Deville eliminated Wilson

Torrie Wilson has been eliminated.

Entrant #11: Liv Morgan

Morgan double foot stomps Banks. Logan and Morgan both try to dump Banks. Banks holds on the ropes.

Entrant #12: Molly Holly

Holly picks up Logan and just throws her over the top rope.

Sarah Logan has been eliminated.

Molly goes out top and hits the Molly-Go-Round on Banks!

Entrant #13: Lana

As soon as Lana gets in the ring Deville and Morgan stomp her. Lana goes nuts and slaps Deville.

Entrant #14: Michelle McCool.

McCool eliminates Deville and Liv Morgan.

Winner: Asuka


WWE SmackDown Results – January 23rd
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Naomi vs Liv Morgan

Naomi takes down Morgan then hits her running slap. Naomi and Morgan trade pin attempts. Morgan matrixes under a clothesline by Naomi. Naomi tries multiple head kicks but Morgan keeps ducking. Naomi switches it up and knees Morgan in the head instead. Morgan trips Naomi into the corner. Morgan double foot stomps Naomi. Carmella, Lana, Becky Lynch, and Natalya all come to ringside. Naomi rolls up Morgan with a sunset flip for the win.

Winner- Naomi

After the match, a brawl breaks out between all the women. Natalya picks up Lynch and tosses here over the top rope. Carmella and Natalya toss Morgan over the top. Natalya destroys Carmella with a rolling lariat. Naomi and Lynch chase away Natalya. Lynch tries to throw Naomi over the top rope but Naomi lands on the apron. Lynch and Naomi stare at each other. Charlotte comes out and says good luck to all the women in the Royal Rumble. Good luck to the winner since they will have to face her at WreslteMania.


WWE SmackDown Results – January 16th
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Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Naomi vs The Riott Squad

Flair and Morgan lock up. Flair sends Morgan to the mat. Flair women handles Morgan- tossing here around the ring. Morgan kicks Flair in the face. Morgan gloats. Flair lights Morgan up with chops. German suplex by Flair. Morgan tags in Riott. Flair tosses Riott around the ring. Flair tags in Lynch. Flair and Lynch beat down Riot with chops and uppercuts. Naomi tags in and sends Riott to the outside. Naomi tags Lynch back in. Lynch dives off the apron onto Riott. Logan tags in. After a distraction by Morgan, Logan knees Lynch in the head. Basement knee by Logan. Riott tags in and hits a senton off the top. Lynch kicks out.

The heels take turns working on Lynch. Logan tries to throw Lynch over the top rope but Lynch reverses it and sends Logan to the outside. Lynch eventually tags in Naomi, who clears the ring. Naomi lands the disaster kick on Morgan. Morgan gets to her feet but Naomi goes into the Chun-Li kicks. Flair spears Logan. Riott kicks Naomi in the face while the referee is distracted. Morgan hits a modified Code Breaker for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad


WWE SmackDown Results – January 9th
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Becky Lynch w/Charlotte Flair and Naomi vs Ruby Riott w/Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

Lynch takes Riott down to the mat over and over again. Lynch grabs a front face lock. Riott gets to the ropes to escape. Lynch goes to hit the ropes by Logan grabs her foot. Lynch yells at Logan. Riott tries to attack Lynch from behind but Lynch avoids it and sends her out of the ring. Lynch sends Riott back into the ring. Multiple arm drags by Lynch. Lynch locks in an armbar. Lynch tries her leaping kick in the corner but Riott catches Lynch’s foot. Riott sends Lynch chest first into the top rope. Riott stomps Lynch. Riott puts Lynch in a seated abdominal stretch. Lynch gets to her feet. Lynch whips Riott into the corner. Lynch charges in but Riott hit deadly nightshade.

Riott puts Lych in a body scissors. Lynch struggles to try to get out. Riott rolls Lynch over into a pin but Lynch kicks out. Lynch manages to hit her corner kick. Riott whips Lynch back down to the mat. Lynch kicks out. Riott drives her knee into Lynch’s back over and over again. Riott goes back to the abdominal stretch. Lynch hip tosses Riott out of it. Small package for a near fall by Lynch. Lynch lays into Riott with rights and lefts. Spinning back kick by Lynch, followed by multiple bex-plexes. Riott kicks Lynch in the gut. Riott tries to set up the Riott Kick but Lynch counters it into the Dis-arm-her. Riott taps.

Winner- Becky Lynch


WWE Smackdown Results – January 2nd
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The Welcoming Committee vs The Riott Squad

Morgan and Natalya lock up. Morgan takes Natalya down. Natalya kips up to her feet. Natalya takes Morgan down and Morgan kips up. Natalya tries a clothesline but Morgan matrixes out of it. Natalya spins and hits a discus lariat. Natalya tries to lock in the Sharpshooter. Morgan retreats to the outside. Riott tags in and gets beat down in the Welcoming Committee corner. Carmella tags in and moonwalks on Riott. After a distraction by Logan, Riott takes Carmella down with an STO. The Riott Squad takes turns beating down Carmella. Carmella manages to tag in Tamina. Tamina clears the ring and superkicks the heck out of Riott. The crowd actually goes nuts for it. Samoan drop by Tamina to Logan. Tamina goes up top for the Superfly Splash. Morgan pushes Tamina off the top. Logan lands a handstand knee drop to the back of Tamina’s head for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad

After the match, Riott tells the crowd that magic isn’t real and that they are all entering the Women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte comes out and congratulates the Riott Squad. Charlotte says she is going to give Riott a dose of reality. Actions have consequences. Naomi joins Charlotte on the stage, as does Becky Lynch. The faces rush the ring. a huge brawl breaks out. Charlotte boots Logan in the face. Naomi hits the Disaster Kick on Morgan. Lynch hits an exploder on Riott and Morgan.

WWE SmackDown Results – December 26th
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Naomi vs Ruby Riott w/Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

As soon as the bell ring Naomi and Riott tear into each other with rights and lefts. Riott takes Namoi down. Namoi hits the disaster kick. Logan and Morgan get on the apron to distract Naomi. Riott chop blocks Naomi, then hits the Riott kick for the win.

Winner- Ruby Riott

After the match, The Riott Squad beats down Naomi. Charlotte tries to make the save. The numbers game is too much. Riott hits the Riott kick on Charlotte. Natalya, Carmella, Tamina, and Lana hit the ring. The Riott Squad tries to leave but they end up getting beat up.

WWE SmackDown Results – December 12th
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Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott w/Sarah Logan and Live Morgan

After a distraction, Riott rolls up Charlotte. Charlotte kicks out. Charlotte picks up Riott and slams her down to the mat. Riott hits the STO after Logan gets on the apron to distract Charlotte again. Riott puts Charlotte in a modified butterfly lock. Riott transitions into a sleeper hold. Charlotte fires up and lands a few chops. Riott sends Charlotte head first into the corner. Riott tries a senton but Charlotte gets her knees up. Complete shot into the turnbuckle but Charlotte. Logan gets on the apron again. Charlotte knocks her off. Charlotte blast Morgan as well. Natalya gets in Charlotte’s face. Charlotte elbows Natalya. Natalya attacks Charlotte from behind to cause the DQ.

Winner- Charlotte

After the match, Morgan, Riott, and Logan beat down Charlotte. They set Charlotte up under the ring steps like they did Naomi. Naomi runs to ringside and dropkicks Logan and Morgan. Naomi floors Riott with the rear view. Logan pulls Riott out of the ring. As the Riott Squad tries to retreat, Lana, Carmella, and Tamina attack them on the ramp.

WWE SmackDown Results – December 5th
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Backstage, Natalya tries to get Carmella, Lana, and Tamina on her side for the lumberjack match. The Riott Squad walks in and Natalya glad hands them. Natalya tries to convince the Riott Squad to attack Charlotte.

After Charlotte vs Tamina, Natalya says she is going to win back her title. Before Natalya can finish, The Riott Squad interrupts. a brawl ensues.