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She might look innocent with blue tongue and pigtails, but don't let her Looks deceive you! Equal parts cute and dangerous, Liv Morgan is a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division! As a former competitive cheerleader, Liv boasts a combination of agility and creativity once the bell rings, but she’s not afraid to scrap, either. Looking to make her friends and family back in the 201 area code proud, Liv represents New Jersey to the fullest and refuses to back down from a fight. Will it be long before she has a WWE Women’s Championship to complement her Swag?
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WWE RAW Results – June 16th, 2018
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Sasha Banks and Bayley vs The Riott Squad

After a slight miscue, Bayley and Banks work together to send Morgan out of the ring. After the break, Bayley tags in Banks. Banks hits Meteora off the top. Banks tries the Banks Statment but Morgan hooks the ropes. Banks lands on her injured back. Banks tries to crawl to tag in Bayley but Bayley drops off the apron to fight Logan. After another distraction by Logan, Morgan rolls up Banks for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad

WWE RAW Results – June 11th, 2018
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Bayley vs Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad

Riott beats Bayley into the corner. Riott lays in a few kicks before pie-facing Bayley. Bayley catches Riott with a boot. Bayley hits a rolling clothesline. Riott fires back with a right hand of her own. Riott knees Bayley in the head. Baylay responds with a Thez press. Running bulldog by Bayley. Bayley goes up top and hits a diving elbow. Riott rolls out of the ring. Bayley tries to dive through the ropes but Riott catches her foot. Bayley back suplexes Riott on the floor. After the break, Riott hits deadly nightshade for a near fall. Riott puts Bayley in a modified wrist lock. Bayley surprises Riott with a high knee in the corner. Bayley goes up top. Bayley misses a top rope elbow. Riott gets a near fall. Bayley and Riott both try pins. Neither can get the advantage. After a distraction by Morgan and Logan, Riott sends Bayley into the ring post. Riott lands the Riott kick on Bayley for the win.

Winner- Ruby Riott

After the match, the Riott Squad draws on Bayley with a marker.

WWE RAW Results – June 4th, 2018
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Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, and Ember Moon vs The Riott Squad

Moon and Riott kick off the match. Riott hip tosses Moon but Moon front flips and lands on her feet. Riott hits the ropes but Moon sweeps her legs. Slingshot splash but Moon for a near fall. Moon tags in Bliss. Bliss does a leapfrog but her knee gives out. Bliss drops to the mat. Bliss rolls to her corner and tags in Banks. Bliss rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp.

After the break, the Riott Squad has the ring cut and half, working over Moon. Moon manages to tag in Banks. Banks clears the ring. Banks gets distracted. Morgan hits a slings shot double foot stomp. The Riott Squad takes over once again. Riott and Logan try to knock Moon off the apron. Moon fights them both off. Moon gets back on the apron but Morgan hits a shoulder tackle that sends Moon flying off the apron. Banks manages to hit metiora off the top on Riott and Logan. Bayley runs to the ring and gets the tag. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly on Morgan for the win!

Winners- Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ember Moon


WWE RAW Results – May 28th, 2018
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Sasha Banks wins the Gauntlet Match for the final Women’s Money In The Bank entry

  • Liv Morgan eliminated by Bayley via pinfall after a Bayley-to-belly suplex
  • Sarah Logan eliminated by Bayley via pinfall after a rollup
  • Bayley eliminated by Ruby Riott via pinfall (Logan & Morgan attacked Bayley, leading to Ruby getting the win)
  • Dana Brooke eliminated by Ruby Riott via pinfall with the Riott Kick
  • Mickie James eliminated by Ruby Riott via pinfall after hooking the tights to steal a pin
  • Ruby Riott eliminated by Sasha Banks via submission with the Banks Statement
WWE RAW Results – May 7th, 2018
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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad vs Ember Moon

Banks and Moon beat down Riott. Banks rolls up Moon for a near fall. Moon rolls up Banks for a near fall. Banks slaps Moon in the chest. Ropewalk arm drag by Banks. Banks hits the ropes but Riott trips her. Riott gets a near fall on Moon. Riott beats down Moon in the corner. Riott hits deadly nightshade on Banks. Moon kicks Riott in the head and gets a two count. Moon sweeps Riott’s legs, then hits a sliding complete shot for another near fall. After a distraction by Logan, Riott hits an STO on Moon. Riott DDTs Banks and complete shots Moon at the same time.

Riott can’t hold either down for a three count. Moon catches Banks with a springboard splash. Banks kicks out. Float over butterfly suplex by Moon. Moon knocks Riott to the outside. Banks hits Meteora on Moon. Banks front flips over the top onto the Riott Squad. Riott dropkicks Banks off the apron. Moon hits a suicide dive on Riott. Moon sends Riott into the ring and goes up top. Logan pushes Moon off. Riott hits a hurricanrana off the top but Banks rolls through into a pin. Morgan and Logan break up the pin. The Riott Squad beats down Banks. Bayley runs down and makes the save. Riott sets up the Riott kick but Moon dives off the top out of nowhere and hits the Eclypse on Riott for thew win!

Winner- Ember Moon

WWE RAW Results – May 21st, 2018
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Fatal Four-Way Match For A Spot In The Women’s MITB Match: Sarah Logan vs Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Dana Brooke

Morgan and Logan quickly take the control of Natty and Brooke. Morgan hits a diving facebuster off the top for a near fall on NAtty. Natty suplexes Logan. Morgan attacks Natty from behind. Basement dropkick by Natty on Morgan. Logan runs over Natty. Brooke breaks up the pin. Morgan blast Brooke with a step up enziguri. Brooke rolls out of the ring. Morgan and Logan are the only two left in the ring. Logan and Morgan act like they are going to fight but they laugh and double team Natty. Brooke pulls Morgan out of the ring. Brook and Morgan double clothesline each other on the outside. Natty almost puts Logan in the sharpshooter. Riott gets on the apron. Natty gets distracted by Logon hits a running knee and goes for a pin. Brook breaks it up. Logan sends Brooke into the ring post. Natty puts Logan in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner- Natalya

WWE RAW Results – May 14th, 2018
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Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Natalya vs The Riott Squad

Moon and Logan start the match off. Logan slams Moon down to the mat. Moon kips up and takes Logan over with a head scissors. Banks tags in and hits a basement version of Meteora. Banks unloads with rights and lefts. Logan slams Banks down by her hair. Logan sends Banks into the Riott Squad corner. The Riott Squad takes turns beating Banks down. Banks dispatches Riott and Logan. The entire squad is about to attack Banks but Moon and Natty hit the ring and the Riott Squad thinks better of it.

After the break, Morgan matrixs out of a clothesline. Natty sends Morgan into her corner. Banks tags in and eats a kick to the face. Banks stacks up Logan in the corner. After a distraction by Riott, Logan knees Banks in the face.  Banks kicks out. The heels go back to taking turns beating down Banks. Banks manages to tag in Natty, who clears the ring. Basement dropkicks by Natty. Morgan gets up and walks right into a discus clothesline by Natty. Banks dives off the apron and lands the double knees on Logan. Moon crushes Riott after a suicide dive. Natty puts Morgan in the Sharpshooter. Morgan taps out.

Winners- Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, and Natalya

WWE RAW Results – April 30th, 2018
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Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad

Riott tries a hip toss. Banks counters and tries one of her own but Riott blocks it. After a few reversals Banks destroys Riott with a thunderous chop. Ropewalk hip toss by Banks. After a distraction by Logan, Riott kicks Banks in the head. Riott slams Banks head into the turnbuckle over and over again. Banks catches Riott with a Thez press. followed by rights and lefts. Straight Jacket hold by Banks. Meteora by Banks for a near fall. Riott sends Banks to the outside. Logan tries to attack Banks but Banks avoids it. Riott goes for a wreaking ball dropkick through the ropes but Banks moves out of the way and lands a baseball slide of her own.

After the break, Riott is working over Banks.  Banks surprises Riott with an O’Connor roll. Riott kicks out but Banks leaps up tot he top rope and lands a crossbody for a near fall. High knee by Banks. Banks misses the corner double knees. Backward cannonball senton by Riott. Banks kicks out. Banks rolls Riott into the Banks Statement. Logan distracts the referee while Morgan breaks up the hold. Banks hits Meteora onto Riott into the ring post. Banks leaps off the apron and hits a double knee strike on Morgan. Banks goes up top but Riott cuts her off and hits the Riott Kick. Riott gets the three count.

Winner- Ruby Riott

WWE RAW Results – April 23rd, 2018
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Nia Jax, Ember Moon, Bayley, Natalya, and Sasha Banks vs The Riott Squad, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss

Banks and Morgan start the match. Banks tries to lock up with Morgan but Logan gets in the ring. Logan and Morgan pound on Banks. Banks catches Logan with a knee. Meteora by Banks for a near fall. Morgan tags in. Banks tries a clothesline but Morgan matrixes out of it. Banks tags in Moon. Moon takes Morgan over with an armbar. Springboard cross body by Moon. Morgan rolls to the outside. Moon completely destroys Morgan with a topé suicida! Logan grabs Morgan by the leg and drags her to the heel side of the ring.

After the break, the heels are working over Banks. Banks manages to take in Natty. Natty tosses James around the ring. Natty puts James in the Sharpshooter. Logan breaks up the hold with a vicious chop block. Natty tries to stand but her leg is hurt. Natty tags in Bayley. Before Natty can get out of the ring James kicks Natty in the knee. Natty falls off the apron. Referees and the doctor come down to ringside to check on Natty. Bayley tags in Jax, who press slams Riott. A huge brawl breaks out on the outside of the ring. Jax dives off the apron onto everyone. On the other side of the ring, Natty gets to her feet. James runs to the other side of the ring and kicks Natty again. Ronda Rousey’s music hits and she marches down to the ring to check on Natty. James kicks Rousey from behind. Rousey rolls into the ring. James attacks her. Rousey gets to her feet and judo throws James. Rousey puts James in the armbar. James taps immediately. The referee ring the bell to signify the disqualification.

Winners- The Riott Squad, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss

WWE RAW Results – April 16th, 2018
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Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Banks and Bayley get in each other’s face. Banks kicks Bayley in the gut. Bayley fires back. Bayley goes up top but Bayley slips. Banks tries a rope walk arm drag but Bayley slams Banks to the mat. Bayley sends Banks to the outside. Bayley dives through the ropes and sends Banks flying with a hurricanrana. After the break, Banks has Bayley in a straightjacket hold. Bayley fights to her feet. Bayley backs Banks into the corner before rolling out of the hold. Bayley surprises Banks with a back body drop. Bayley spears Banks in the corner. Reverse tornado DDT off the top by Bayley. Banks kicks out.

Banks trips Bayley and she falls to the outside. Bayley tries to get back in the ring but Banks knees Bayley in the head. Bayley falls into the ring post. Banks hits Meteora into the ring post. Banks sends Bayley into the ring. Banks hits Meteora again for a near fall. Banks yells at Bayley that she is better than her. Banks slaps  Bayley. Bayley slaps Banks. An all-out brawl breaks out. Banks rolls Baylet into the Banks Statement. Before Bayley can tap, the Riot Squad hits the ring and beats down Bayley and Banks.

Winner- No contest

After the match, each member of the Riott Squad hits their finisher on both Banks and Bayley.