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She might look innocent with blue tongue and pigtails, but don't let her Looks deceive you! Equal parts cute and dangerous, Liv Morgan is a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division! As a former competitive cheerleader, Liv boasts a combination of agility and creativity once the bell rings, but she’s not afraid to scrap, either. Looking to make her friends and family back in the 201 area code proud, Liv represents New Jersey to the fullest and refuses to back down from a fight. Will it be long before she has a WWE Women’s Championship to complement her Swag?
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WWE RAW Results – September 3rd, 2018
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The Bella Twins vs Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan (w/ Ruby Riott)

Nikki and Liv start things off and Liv mocks Nikki with a You Can’t See Me.  Liv goes into the ropes and then she tags Sarah in.  They lock up.  Nikki with a waist lock and a double leg take down for a near fall.  Nikki with an arm wringer and arm bar.  Nikki with another arm wringer and she gets a near fall.  Nikki gets Sarah on her shoulders but Sarah gets to her feet and she pulls Nikki to the mat by the hair.  Sarah with an arm bar.

Nikki escapes the hold and misses a splash into the corner.  Nikki with an elbow and tornado divorce court for a near fall.  Brie tags in and they kick Sarah and hit a double Codebreaker for a near fall.  Brie with a wrist lock.  Sarah picks up Brie and Brie with a sunset flip but Liv is tagged in and she kicks Brie and gets a near fall.  Liv with a reverse chin lock.   Brie with forearms to Liv but Liv with a matrix and a handful of hair for a near fall.  Sarah tags in and connects with forearms.  Brie with a drop kick.  Brie sets for kicks to Sarah.

Brie drop kicks Liv and then she sets for running knees to Sarah and Liv but Ruby gets on the apron to try to distract Brie.  Brie goes for a suicide dive and Sarah with a punch. Sarah screams and Brie kicks her away and hits a missile drop kick.  Liv tags in and stops Brie but Brie kicks Liv away and Nikki tags in.  Nikki with clotheslines and a drop kick followed by a facebuster.  Nikki with a running clothesline into the corner followed by a springboard round kick for a near fall.  Sarah breaks up the cover but Nikki sends Sarah to the floor.  Nikki with a forearm to Ruby.Brie with a suicide dive.  Liv gets a near fall with a rollup.  Nikki with a TKO for the three count.

Winners:  The Bella Twins

WWE RAW Results – August 20th, 2018
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The Boss and Hug Connection and Ember Moon vs The Riott Squad

Banks and Riott start the match. Banks slaps Riott in the face. Thez Press by Banks. Banks tags in Bayley, who stomps Riott in the corner. Moon tags in and rolls up Riott. Riott kicks out and tags out immediately. Logan tags and eats a strike from Moon. Logan gets dumped to the outside. Banks dives onto Riott. Bayley splashes Morgan. Moon takes out Logan with a suicide dive. After the break, Bayley splashes Morgan in the corner.

Bayley tries another but Logan pulls Morgan out of the way. Riott pulls Bayley off the apron. Riott hits the STO out on the floor. The Riott Squad takes turns working over Bayley. Bayley manages to tag in Banks. Banks clears the ring. Double knees to the midsection by Banks. Morgan breaks up the pin. Moon hits a tornado suplex off the apron. Riott hits the Riott Kick on Banks for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad

In Ring Segment: Stephanie McMahon

The Woman’s Championship is in the ring and the entire Raw Women’s division has surrounded the ring. Stephanie says she is proud of all of the women. Stephanie puts over the Evolution PPV and the Women’s Championship match from last night. Stephanie says without her presence Rousey wouldn’t be what she is today. Stephanie says she molded Rousey in her image. Stephanie says all the women around the ring want to be like Stephanie and Rousey. Stephanie announces Rousey as her protege. Rousey’s music cuts Stephanie off. Rousey joins Stephanie in the ring. Rousey asks Stephanie what she is doing. Rousey wants to know why all the women are outside of the ring. Rousey tells them they all deserve to be in the ring.

The women get up on the apron. Stephanie says this isn’t how a champion acts. Rousey this is about all of us. Rousey puts over some of the women on the apron. Stephanie cuts Rousey off and reminds Rousey what she did to Alexa Bliss last night. Stephanie says Rousey wants to do that to all of them. Rousey says she isn’t there to break the rest of the division’s arms, only those who deserve it. Rousey slams Stephanie down to the mat and puts her in an arm lock. Stephanie rolls out of the ring. Riott Squad, Alexa and Fox attend to Stephanie while Bella’s, Nattie, Banks, Bayley Moon and Dana join Rousey in the ring.

WWE RAW Results – August 13th, 2018
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Sasha Banks w/Bayley vs Ruby Riott w/The Riott Squad

Banks takes Riott down in an armbar. Riott rolls up Banks. Banks kicks out and puts Riott in the Banks Statement. Riott gets to the ropes. Riott rolls out of the ring. Banks misses a baseballs slide. Riott sends banks into the ring steps. Banks’ hand is caught in the steps. Riott kicks it. Riott works over Banks’ injured hand. After the break, Riott is yanking at Banks’ fingers. Riott tries to send Banks into the ropes. Banks dives through the rope into Logan. Morgan pulls Banks off the apron. Riott rolls Banks up as Banks tries to get back in the ring for the win.

Winner- Ruby Riott

WWE RAW Results – August 6th, 2018
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The Riott Squad vs The Boss and Hug Connection

Morgan decks Banks. Banks falls into the corner. Morgan misses a corner clothesline. Banks slams Morgan into the turnbuckle. Banks tags in Bayley after hitting a splash in the corner. Logan tags in and Bayley catches her with a splash for a near fall. Logan sends Bayley head-first into the turnbuckle. Corner double stomp by Morgan. Bayley rolls out of the ring before anyone can try to pin here. After the break, Banks fires up. Top rope hurricanranna by Bayley. Banks hits Meteora. Ruby Riott appear out of nowhere and pulls Logan out of the way as Bayley dives off the apron. In the confusion, Morgan rolls up Banks for the win!

Winner- The Riott Squad

WWE RAW Results – July 30th, 2018
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The Riott Squad vs The Boss and Hug Connection 

Logan slams Bayley down to the mat. Logan puts Bayley in an armbar. Bayley counters with a drop toe hold arm whip into Meteora by Banks and Bayley for a near fall. Banks hits Meteroa on the apron to Logan as we cut to commercial. After the break, Logan and Morgan work over Banks. Morgan lands a facebuster for a near fall. Morgan puts Banks in a tight rear chin lock. Banks trips Morgan into the bottom rope. Banks tags in Bayley. Bayley destroys Morgan with a running knee. Corner elbow by Bayley. Bayley lands a top rope hurricanrana. Banks dives off the top hit Meteroa. Banks lands the Backstabber. Morgan pops up and Bayley lands the Bayley-to-Belly for the win!

Winners- The Boss and Hug Connection

WWE RAW Results – July 23rd, 2018
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Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan

Moon kicks Morgan in the face as soon as the bell rings. Moon splashes Morgan in the corner. Handspring elbow in the corner by Moon. Moon misses her springboard splash. Morgan kicks Moon in the head. Morgan chokes Moon in the ropes. Morgan puts Moon in a rear chin lock. Moon jawbreakers her way out of it. Standing reverses STO by Moon. Moon goes up top. Morgan cuts Moon off. Morgan tries to superplex Moon. Moon drops Morgan off the top. Moon hits the Eclypse for the win.

Winner- Ember Moon

WWE RAW Results – July 16th, 2018
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Ember Moon vs Sarah Logan w/Liv Morgan

Logan takes down Moon. Moon rolls into a pin. Logan kicks out. Logan catches Moon with a back elbow. Moon hops up top. Logan elbows Moon off the top rope. Moon falls to the outside. Logan brings Moon back into the ring and gets a near fall. Morgan sneaks in a cheap shot that leads to another near fall for Logan. Logan tries a suplex but Moon reverses it into a small package. Logan kicks out. Reverse clutch suplex by Logan. Moon kicks out. Logan puts Moon in a seated cobra clutch. Moon struggles to her feet. Logan back breakers Moon and continues to work the clutch. Moon fight to her feet. Moon obliterates Logan with a right hand. Moon takes Logan over with a popup head scissor. Sliding complete shot by Moon. After a distraction by Morgan, Logan rolls up Moon. Moon kicks out. Moon kicks Logan in the head. Logan kicks out. Suicide dive by Moon. Moon goes up top. Morgan gets on the apron to distract Moon. Logan knocks Moon off the top. Logan pins Moon.

Winner- Sara Logan


WWE RAW Results – July 9th, 2018
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Backstage, Renee Young asks Lashley what his plan is for Reigns at the PPV. Lashley says he has respects everyone he faces in the ring. Lashley even respected Sami Zayn. Lashley doesn’t respect Reigns. Lashley hates Reigns. Reigns will not walk out of Extreme Rules. Believe that. Tyler Breeze tries to give Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan fashion advice. Morgan says they don’t do fashion, they Riot. Logan rips the Fashion Police shirt in half.

Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan vs Ember Moon

Morgan tries a hip toss but Moon lands on her feet. Moon almost takes Morgan’s head off with a superkick. Morgan rolls out of the ring. After the break, Morgan hits a rope walk bulldog for a near fall. Straight jacket hold by Morgan. Moon tries to fire up bit Morgan matrixes under a strike by Moon. Moon pops up and hits a head scissors that sends Morgan into the turnbuckle. Moon sends Morgan flying with a fallaway slam. Logan gets on the apron. Moon springboard clotheslines Logan. Morgan rolls up Moon. Moon reverses it into a jackknife pin for the win.

Winner- Ember Moon


WWE RAW Results – July 2nd, 2018
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Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan w/Sarah Logan

Morgan floors Moon with a right hand. Morgan locks in a side headlock. Moon surprises Morgan with a springboard splash. Morgan rolls to the outside. After the break, Morgan bad mouths Moon. Moon tosses Morgan into the corner chest first. Moon crushes Morgan with a double foot stomp. Moon obliterates Morgan with the Eclypse for the win!

Winner- Ember Moon

WWE RAW Results – June 25th, 2018
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The Riott Squad vs Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Ember Moon

Moon floors Morgan. Morgan matrixes under a strike my Moon. Moon surprises Morgan with a sliding complete shot. The heels are sent out of the ring. Moon destroys Morgan and Riott with a suicide dive. After the break, Riott hits an STO on Moon. Riott knocks Bayley off the apron. Morgan and Logan stomp Moon. Moon tags in Banks, who clears the ring. Meteroa to Riott. Banks tries to hit Meteora again but misses. Moon obliterates Logan with an elbow to the face. Morgan appears out of nowhere and hits a hurricanrana on Moon. Riott rolls up Banks for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad